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Moving company – have a plan for your relocation.

Moving is always difficult. There will be many problems on your way to your new home and that is the main reason for making a good plan. A moving company such as Möbeltransport24 can help you in many ways and keeps your stress-level down. Time and moving costs are two factors which are very important if you relocate. With a professional mover you are going to have a clear overview on all phases on your relocation project. Here we will tell you all the main things you need to care about when you are relocating.

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Important questions about moving

At first there is your decision for your move. If you decided that moving is the best option for you then you will have to make a plan about how you want to move. A private relocation has some advantages such as costs and full control on any detail of your house move. A relocator such as Möbeltransport24 will help you in any stage of your house move. The moving costs seem to increase a lot but please look carefully on this factor. On our platform you can compare your relocation costs – this way you have full control on your budget. Even private moving has many costs which should be calculated in advance to make sure you keep your budget line:

  • Transportation (transporter which need to be rented, gas)
  • Time (planning your relocation – before, during and after your move)
  • Staff (you need to hire manpower to get your relocation done)

Times change faster and work becomes international. This way more people have to move even from other countries in order to reach their new places. Möbeltransport24 is your partner in any of these questions. We care about helpers and manpower – so you can just focus on your belongings and how to get your things to your new place. There are different options from which you can choose. For example: You could choose an offer where the moving costs are fixed which allows you to plan an exact budget. When you are relocating on long distance or with your family this could be very useful. We offer our relocation service to anyone but especially for international clients this is a fine way for a good start.

Students do not have too many belongings. This is one of the main reasons why they can handle a move which is private. They have friends to help them carry their stuff and maybe a car is enough to finish their relocation in one day. Families have different options but also more problems to be solved. There are a lot of questions in the beginning: Who takes care about our children? What happens to the dog while we are moving? Möbeltransport24 can assist you in any operational question. We make sure that there is enough manpower and transportation to get your belongings to your new home right in time.

Moving costs depend on many aspects. First of all is your own budget line. This will be the base on which you can make your decisions. A private move could save some money but you will have to plan and manage your relocation on your own. This takes usually more time than a move with a removalist. Möbeltransport24 offers you a moving service where there are other features included:

  • Insurance of relocations.
  • Disassembling and reassembling of furniture.
  • Manpower and transportation.
  • International service with a local network.

You could add these advantages of Möbeltransport24 as your professional relocation service to your plan. In a result you will see that we offer a fair price on transparent conditions. There are no hidden moving prices in our contracts – you pay what you have ordered. There are many ways that you can put individual needs in your personal offer for your move.

Is this your first time in Germany? Do you think that language could become a problem for your move? With Möbeltransport24 you got a professional partner who cares on any phase of your relocation. Anything will be discussed and planed in detail before we start. Please do not worry about a language barrier which could influence your move. We make sure that there will be a good communication during your project. Do you have many questions? This is good. Then feel free to ask because this way we can provide the best offer for you.

In case of accident or damage Möbeltransport24 offers for you an insurance which covers those cases. You have too many belongings? No problem – we will find a solution for the storage of your things. You can not handle an assembling of furniture or your kitchen? In this case we will help you with disassembling or reassembling. Do you want to compare moving prices? Please feel free – you should compare the costs in order to find the best deal for you – on mö you find the best deals and options. Your moving is an individual project and in our relocation service you will find the moving company that meets your needs.